About Mrs. Carnathan

I have been married to Mr. C since March of 2012. I am still thrilled to be a Mrs. I waited a long time for that fella!

We are expecting our second baby in December! We have a daughter who was born in Decemeber too. Her name is Clara and she's awesome and spunky and dramatic. Just like her mama. We are so excited about her being a big sister (girlfriend NEEDS a sibling). Jury's out if she's as excited as we are...

My given name is Lauren.  I was a minister in North Texas at a great church for 7 years. God placed me in a life of ministry that was completely unexpected.  And completely blessed. And then in the Summer of 2014, I was at a camp for teens where we talked about living "Revolutionary" lives and God kept whispering that my revolutionary life was being a stay-at-home mom. It wasn't really what I wanted to hear. I was pretty proud of my role as a minister and mom. That pride is why I decided to "retire" from ministry for the time being. It's been a huge adjustment and I'm not the greatest stay-at-home mom. But I know that I'm raising up this little fireball to listen to her Creator and to do amazing things for the Kingdom.

I have a degree in theatre that I don't use.

I like to sing, bake, read YA fiction (I'm a dystopian junkie), BodyPump, and above all, attempt to love others.

I have a pretty serious love of all things Harry Potter, Star Wars, X-Files, Star Trek, Lord of the Rings, superhero movies... basically anything nerdy makes me pretty happy.

I truly believe that all of God's people can be a light in dark places.  Even when times are the hardest.

When I was little, I wasn't afraid of the dark, but I told my mom I was so she would place a night light in my room, next to my bed. I used that light to read by every night.

I'm not afraid of the dark, but love the light because it leads the way.

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