Sunday, September 30, 2012

Magical Day!

Mr. and I leave today on a trip to Walt Disney World!

Second honeymoon/reward for surviving our first summer as a married couple.

We are pretty excited.

My dad and stepmom are both HUGE Disney nuts. So huge that they even have a Disney blog ( so they were super helpful in the planning of this trip.

I ended up making most of the reservations and planning the days that we spent at the park. Y'all, it's not easy- in fact it can get pretty complicated. I am pretty sure I did everything right...

We are so incredibly blessed to be able to take this trip. We are excited to be able to spend a week PLAYING! And we are both going to geek out.

And speaking of geeking out...

We are going to Harry Potter world too.

Mr. has no idea what he has gotten into. Love that guy!!

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