Saturday, December 1, 2012

My Christmas Playlist

As promised, here's a list of some of the songs that I am listening to this Christmas season.  Before I type out my playlist, there are also several Christmas albums that should be worth mentioning.  You also should know that "Oh Holy Night" is my favorite song.  You'll be able to tell.

(in no particular order)

Michael Crawford's "In the Moon of Wintertime"
This is such a romantic album.  Some might find it a little on the cheesy side, but if you like sweeping, dramatic music with lots of choral interludes, this is perfect.  Almost every song on this album is Christ-centered.  And if you love Michael Crawford (the original Phantom of the Opera) like I do, you'll love this.  In my opinion, it's perfection.  His version of "Oh Holy Night" is my favorite.  It makes my heart sing.  Literally.

Twila Paris' "It's the Thought"
This would probably be considered SUPER cheesy because of when it was produced.  It was an absolute STAPLE in my home growing up.  I love it because it is full of songs that aren't "staple" Christmas songs, but are filled with the coming of Christ!  It also has one of my most favorite versions of "Oh Holy Night" in which Twila hits an awesome note flawlessly and she recites Isaiah 9.

Shane and Shane's "Glory in the Highest"I absolutely love Shane and Shane.  I got the pleasure of hearing their album early several years ago at a youth ministry conference in Sacramento.  They sang "Oh Holy Night" and I remember my friend Mandy and I looked at each other (in the middle of October) and saying, "I'm getting that!"

With that said, here's my playlist for this Advent season.  This link will open up in iTunes and take you to the list:

Already, in the few days that I've been working on, this pledge has been a challenge.  I've caught myself a few times starting to put a song that isn't REALLY Christ centered onto my playlist.  Like, "Deck the Halls"... not so much Christ-centered.  More decor-centered.

And I was decorating our tree yesterday and watching "White Christmas" and as I was watching, I thought about how I should just download the soundtrack... Nope!  Not a single song is Christ-centered.

But overall, I'm realizing that most of my favorite songs ARE Christ-centered.  Already, it's been a blessing.

Let me know YOUR favorite Christ-centered Christmas songs!  Comment below!


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  1. Well, it may not be Christ-centered, or even Christmas-y but I LOVE "Count Your Blessings Instead of Sheep" from White Christmas. When I was a kid I didn't really like this song in the movie because I thought it was boring. As a grown-up I can truly appreciate the message :-) Wezie