Monday, October 15, 2012

Love my Tay Tay!!

I am pretty sure that the first time I laid eyes on Taylor, she was screaming.  I'm pretty sure Ross and I walked in right as my dad had attempted to cut her teeny little fingernails and had sliced some skin... oops.

Way to go daddy.  Sweet Tay was a couple of hours old and now she's bleeding.

When I think of Taylor as a baby I immediately think of her vibrant blue eyes and her bald little head.

Yup, as much hair as Shelby had... Taylor had none.

That's okay though, when looking at the picture wall of me, my dad, Ross, and my stepmom Noel... we were all kinda bald.  Taylor fit right in.

Taylor was all kinds of fun.  If I wanted to play dress-up, Taylor was my girl.

My sweet parents have all KINDS of pictures of the two of us dressed up.  Even feather boas...

Tay also loved stories.  My mimi loved to tell her stories when she would spend the night.  Mimi has told me that she really liked to hear stories of me and Ross.  Mimi liked to tell her the story of when I was over at her house and I didn't sleep well because I didn't have my stuffed bear with me.  I was in high school when that happened.  Taylor got a KICK out of that story!

When Taylor was probably 4, we loved to watch Disney Channel together.  This was back in the days of Even Stevens and The Famous Jett Jackson.  We had just watched one of the Zenon movies together (we LOVED those!) and I decided to ask Taylor if she wanted me to do her hair.  She of course did!  So with her little feathery hair (she had a little more of it at this point), I made all sorts of ponytails all over her head.  It was forever known after that as her "Zenon Hair."  And nobody could do it as good as me.

She has always been my makeup buddy.  If you know me at all, you know that I love makeup.  I watch makeup tutorials online, I like to try new (inexpensive) products, and all I wanted for my birthday was a subscription to Birchbox.  Taylor loves makeup like I do.  She likes to experiment with different colors and fun things like eyelashes and sparkly eyeliner.  She did several... experimental looks on me when she was little.  I ended up looking a little bit scary...

She adores having fun.

And she has a skull piercing laugh that you could hear from space.

It was just recently her homecoming.  He mum was about 5 times as big as she is.  Seriously, it was decked out with feather boas, a Minnie mouse doll, ribbons... it was so very Taylor.

She is over the top and dramatic.  Loving and loud.

I love that kid more than words can describe.

And she has a big heart.

She loves to work with her hands and loves to create.  When Shelby was in the hospital the first time, she made her a big, colorful peace sign.  With lots of glitter.  She wanted to make sure that Shelby had something fun and bright to look at while stuck in a hospital room.

She loves animals fiercely and can't stand to know that they are being mistreated.

She is such a barrel of fun and I love her to pieces!

We have shared a bed many MANY times and I love her even if she lies horizontal in her bed and talks in her sleep...

Tay, you're so special to me and I can't imagine NOT having you as my sister. Life would definitely be boring!

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