Sunday, August 18, 2013

Week 23: better late than never!

(oh good, the selfies are back...)

I'll quote one of my co-workers from this week, "you look PREGNANT."

Why thank you, associate minister... I think so too!  He actually commented on that a couple of times this week.  I've actually gotten to a place where I feel like people will look at my belly and hopefully think, "oh, she's growing a baby" instead of, "oh, she ate a really big burrito."

It's the last day of week 23 and I just haven't had a chance to update this week!  The past three weeks have been a whirlwind of family being here in Fort Worth and each night I fall into bed exhausted.  We have gotten so much accomplished and the nursery is pretty close to completion (I'm going to do a nursery post sometime this week hopefully) and I'm happy to report that the FLOOR IN THE GARAGE HAS BEEN PAINTED.  Mr. is thrilled about it.  And I have to say, I like it!  It's even got fancy confetti speckles on it!

On with the update!

How far along? 23 weeks
Baby’s size? Grapefruit
Total weight gain/loss: I went to the doctor on Friday and I had gained another 6 pounds (cue happy dance)!  I'm back up to my pre-pregnancy weight!  My question for previously pregnant friends is this: does my total weight gain start from my pre-pregnancy weight or my lowest weight.  What I mean is, is a healthy weight gain for me 25-30 pounds from what I currently weigh or from my weight when I was at my lowest?  I hope that makes sense...
Maternity clothes? Yes and so thankful for friends who have let me borrow their clothes!
Stretch marks? Not one!
Sleep: Okay, let's talk sleep.  I'm golden if I fall asleep and am able to sleep through the night.  But if I wake up for any reason other than having to go to the bathroom (which I think I am half asleep for) then I am WIDE. A. WAKE.  And it's annoying.  Last night, Phoebe decided that she needed out of her kennel at 4:30 am (I thought I was going to kill her).  So Mr. went and got her and I was up from 4:30-6:00.  Ugh.  Probably my least favorite night to NOT get sleep is on Saturday before a Sunday since Sundays are kinda important and busy.  Don't worry, I just woke up from an hour nap.  :)
And I've got another Snoogle convert.  My friend Juliette got one and is in love with it as much as I am!  
Best moment this week: My doctor's appointment on Friday.  I didn't see my actual doctor, I saw another one in my group and I LOVE her.  She was actually the doctor that put me in the hospital a month and a half ago and she's amazing.  I want to stick with my current doctor through the birth of this little girl and then switching.  I wanted to go to her initially, but she didn't have any openings for months when I first found out I was pregnant.  Patrick and I were talking about how much we liked her and he made the comment that he kind of hoped she was on-call when I delivered and I told him I had already been praying for that!
Also, we got our glider (after the lady told us it would be 14 weeks... and delivered by November) on Friday!  I was thrilled!  It looks SO GOOD.  And is so comfy!
Miss Anything? Have we talked about coffee ever?  *sigh* I was a BLACK coffee drinker before.  The stronger the better.  And don't put any of that nasty sugar or cream in it.  I want it black.  I would drink several cups a day.  I loved my morning routine of drinking coffee and checking email at work and then on Fridays drinking coffee and watching the Today show.  
Now, just the thought of coffee makes me want to hurl.  Blech!  It's hard for me to smell it.  I haven't made coffee for Mr. in the mornings in months.  Poor guy... 
Apparently my mother had the same aversion and she said that within hours of giving birth she was ready for a big cup of coffee. I seriously miss the idea of coffee and am ready to have my morning routine back!
Movement: She's seriously doing all sorts of gymnastics in there!  It's so strange to feel her .  Especially since she likes to move from way down low to way up high and I can totally see my stomach change shapes. Mr. enjoys watching my stomach at night before bed.
Food cravings: Still orange juice and chocolate.  In fact, I might go pour myself a glass of OJ right now!  Second glass of the day.
Anything making you queasy or sick: See above about coffee.  Yuck!
Gender: Girl!  I told Mr. a few weeks ago that I was afraid that the sonographer got it wrong, but the doctor on Friday said that their sonographers were incredibly accurate.
Labor Signs: None.
Symptoms: Just fatigue.  Nothing new.
Belly Button in or out? Still in.  I have a feeling it will be a while before it's completely flat and I don't know that it will ever pop out completely.
Wedding rings on or off? On.
Happy or Moody most of the time: Pretty happy, but definite moments of moodiness.  I have gotten completely overwhelmed a few times this week.  Which is why I broke into tears on the floor of the nursery on Monday night while Mr. and I were putting the crib together.  
Looking forward to: Week 24 is the "viability week" which means that with major medical intervention, if she was born, she MIGHT survive.  Obviously, I'm praying that she makes it to 40 weeks, but it's a little milestone.  Also, I'll be in my THIRD TRIMESTER in three weeks.  And then I'll start seeing the doctor every other week and then soon after that, EVERY week.  Ya'll, December is coming!
Please pray for: School is starting (or has started) for my teensies.  Please keep them in your prayers.  Also, a continued healthy pregnancy for both baby Clara and mommy.  :)

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