Monday, November 11, 2013

34 and 35 Weeks: Nursery Part 3!

How far along? 34 weeks and 35 weeks!
Baby’s size? Cantaloupe and honeydew melon- finally fruits I recognize.
Total weight gain/loss: I'm at about 27 pounds gained.

Stretch marks? Still none.  I have a very faint linea negra line, but no stretch marks.
Sleep: Still not great.  I'm getting used to being pretty uncomfortable in the evenings even when I lay down.  Last night I was SUPER grumpy pants and Mr. had to deal with a very whiney wife.  I couldn't get comfortable, my back hurt, ONE nostril was stuffed (so obnoxious), my head hurt, I was super nauseated... it was no good.  Mr. went as far as to ask if I needed to turn on something (aka Friends) to help me get to sleep.  Which is COMPLETELY out of character for him (ever since he got me the entire series on BluRay he's had more than his share of Friends...).
Best moment this week: Lots of good ones.  We did a hospital tour on Monday night and then had Braum's afterwards.  I super cleaned the house which felt SO GOOD.  I reorganized all of my drawers in my bedroom (hello, nesting...). 

I also had my first shower on the 3rd and it was such a blessing.  I love my church family so much and they have blessed this little girl beyond belief!  

My family was also in town and it was wonderful for everyone to be here.  And I mean almost EVERYONE.  My in-laws, my mom and stepdad and Shelby, my dad and stepmom and Taylor, and my brother and his girlfriend.  It was a FULL HOUSE.  Everyone is so excited to meet miss Clara Christine!

Miss Anything? Sleep.  Sleeping on my stomach.  No back pain...
Movement: So much moving.  Mr. had his hand on my tummy the other night and was absolutely amazed by how much she was moving.  She's also been very responsive which is fun.  The other night one of my teen girlies put her hand on my stomach and said, "Look, I'm holding her hand or foot!" And I told her, "Um... or her butt."  She pulled her hand away.  :)
Food cravings: Nothing really.
Anything making you queasy or sick: Coffee. The usual.
Gender: Baby girl!
Labor Signs: Braxton hicks off and on. I've also had a couple of contractions that had a little pain in them.  Nothing significant and certainly nothing consistent, but enough for me to think, "huh... well that wasn't just tightening."  I've got a doctor's appointment on Friday (the first of my weekly appointments!!!!) and they'll check to see how things are progressing.  I'm anticipating that absolutely nothing is going on and that she's happy and cozy in mommy's belly.  :)
Symptoms: Stupid back pain.  A growing belly.  Tiredness... the normal.  
Belly Button in or out? Still very flat.  Towards the end of the day, I have the SLIGHTEST poke, but it's quite insignificant and Mr. can barely tell.
Wedding rings on or off? I've started to swell.  One night I had trouble getting my engagement ring off and my feet have been swelling.  One of my co-workers said she thought my face looked a little swollen.  Since then I've noticed even more swelling.  I've taken off my engagement ring off completely and try to drink a ton of water and walk as much as possible.
Exercise: Not a thing this past week.  Not. A. Thing.
Happy or Moody most of the time: Okay, I must confess that I've been moody this past week.  I texted Mr. at one point this week that I was tired, cranky, and whiney... lovely combination, right?  Poor guy.  I have been stressed to the max this past week which has only increased my tiredness, crankiness, and whiney-ness.  
Looking forward to: Meeting Clara. 
Please pray for: Healthy baby and healthy mommy.

On with the nursery post!

I will say that at this point I'm not sure much else will get taken care of in her room decoration wise.  I would like to put up a few more things on the walls, but my main concern is to get all her STUFF organized and put away.

So when we started working on the nursery, I knew I wanted a glider.  And I knew I wanted a glider that looked like a chair (so we could possibly use it in other places after it's used in the nursery).  This is what we ended up with:
 I love it.  

And it's comfortable.  Which might be the most important thing!

We ordered it from Buy Buy Baby and used a 20% off coupon which made it much more affordable.  Although it was the most expensive piece of furniture in the room, it's totally worth it!

The curtains I bought at Target with my stepmom.  I love the ruffles and I love that they are white (we'll see if I need to reassess and buy black-out curtains once Clara starts sleeping in there...).

They were too long (because of the weird ledge thingy above) and although I like the look of "pooled" curtains, Mr. was less than impressed and asked that they be hemmed.  So I got some bias tape and hemmed them without sewing them.  Success!  

Mr. asked if I was afraid of my sewing machine... no dear, just wanted the project to go a little quicker is all.
 Another BIG project I wanted done was bookshelves on the wall.  A friend and I trekked our way to IKEA one Friday morning and I bought the RIBBA bookshelves in white to put on the wall.  Mr. worked super hard to install them.  

Brady (our English Springer Spaniel) helped by making sure squirrels didn't make their way into our front yard.
 I LOVE the final look.  

At this point there are a ton more books on there!

I'll do one final nursery post in my next blog.  And then I'm calling it DONE!

Blessings on your day!

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