Monday, July 8, 2013

Week 16/17: An unexpected turn of events...

Okay, so I somehow managed to wear the SAME THING I did in the last picture I took.  And also managed to look equally as unhappy.  Ah well.  Maybe I'll smile in the next one, mkay?

So here's the last two weeks' (I'm actually 18 weeks as of today!) update!  And as you can tell, there was an unexpected turn of events.

It started two weeks ago at our Day Camp.  I'd been feeling particularly off all day, but my sister was in town and Mr. had told us we would all go see Man of Steel that night.  So after day camp sister and I went home, rested up, and went with Mr. to see the movie.  About halfway through the movie I realized I didn't feel good.  At. All.  I thought it was from the camera being so shaky the entire time.  We went home and I immediately went to bed.

And woke up at 3:45 with a fever.  Nothing high, but enough that I needed tylenol.  And I also knew I needed to call the Dr. first thing the next morning.

So I called my doctor's office first thing Tuesday morning and got an appointment at 10:30 with the on call doctor.  Great.  I took a couple of sips of water and promptly threw that up.  Brilliant.  A couple more sips, more throwing up.  I knew that NONE of this was good.

We get to the doctor's office and the doctor checks me out and tells me I have two options: go home and attempt to keep some fluids down or be admitted to the hospital.  After talking with the doctor and Mr. she changed her mind and decided I needed to be admitted.  Probably just for 24 hours for IV fluids and observation.  Mr. was certain that I would be home late that evening.  He even tried to talk my mom out of driving up here (my sister was at the house and since she has leukemia she couldn't really come up to the hospital and hang out with me).

Fast forward to Thursday and I'm STILL stuck in the hospital with an IV for fluids and for antibiotics- with a persistent fever.  They had run some blood tests (which had come back negative) and had an infectious disease doctor come and check up on me.  He was convinced that it was a simple virus I had picked up in Honduras and not one of the "exotic diseases."  I didn't have a rash, so it couldn't be typhoid or dengue fever.

I finally got out of the hospital Friday afternoon.  My fever had finally broken so I was cleared to go home.  Of course I got home, promptly threw up (again) and my fever came back.  The same thing happened on Saturday afternoon too.

And Sunday I noticed a rash covering most of my body.


So they still don't know what the issue is/was.  They put me on enough antibiotics though that whatever I had, it is nice and dead now.  I've felt MUCH better the past couple of days!

During all of this, little Nugget has been fine.  They checked the heartbeat twice a day in the hospital and Tuesday at my follow-up doctor's appointment the heartbeat was still normal and strong.

I, however, have been quite pathetic the past two weeks.  I've lost (another) couple of pounds but thankfully the doctor was just glad that I hadn't lost any MORE than that.  I am just starting to get my appetite back, so I'm hoping that I'll start gaining weight SOON.  Gee, I never thought I'd say that.

I went back to work yesterday and I can't tell you how GOOD it was to worship with my church family, teach my teensies, and get out of the house!

My church family has been such a blessing.  They have been covering me, Nugget, and Mr. in prayer.  I can't even begin to describe how good it is to know that people are praying over you.

Mr. has been absolutely incredible.  He's taken care of me, prayed with me, kept a level head... plus he works at the hospital I was staying at, so he was able to get into the snack closet and grab me a sprite whenever I wanted it!  He's taken off so much work just to take care of me and arranged for people to stay with me when he did finally have to go back to work (once I got out of the hospital).

My mom was wonderful too.  She (unfortunately) has had to spend too much time in hospitals with Shelby fighting leukemia and knows exactly what to do and how to help.  Just having her there to watch Say Yes to the Dress was perfect.  She even blow dried my hair when I was just too plain weak to do it.  Love her.

Overall it's been a crazy two weeks.  Definitely not something I'm ever looking forward to repeating.  But through all of this God has helped restore my health and energy.  He has been good.  As He always is.  He's watched over my little family and I'm so thankful to Him for all that he has done and will do.  We choose to praise Him in all things.

So thank you for your prayers and thoughts.  I'm so thankful to friends and family and love you all.  And I'll get back to the regular "pregnancy updates" this week.

AND we find out the gender a week from Thursday!  So cast your votes in!  Mr. and I are split: I think girl, he thinks boy.  What do YOU think?


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