Sunday, September 22, 2013

Weeks 27 and 28: A Nursery Post!

I've grown!  Hellooooo baby belly!

Before I share some of our nursery progress (it's not finished and there's too much to share in one post, so it will most likely be spread out among several posts), let's begin the last two weeks' updates!

How far along? 27 & 28 weeks!
Baby’s size? A head of cauliflower (27 weeks) and eggplant (28 weeks).
Total weight gain/loss: 13 pounds at my doctor's appointment a week and a half ago!  Woohoo!

Stretch marks? None.
Sleep: Well since I was in Abilene in a hotel room last week, my sleep was just a little wonky.  I had trouble getting to sleep one night and my roommate for the week (HI KIM!) may have had a slight night terror and screamed at point (which made for a hilarious story over breakfast the next morning!).  I have also had some seriously weird dreams lately.  One involving me and the NCIS crew (Mr. and I are total NCIS fans) and another involving Gordo and Lizzy from Lizzy McGuire... um, WHAT!?  Even though the dreams are weird, I can tell I sleep really hard.  So BRING IT ON WEIRD DREAMS!
Best moment this week: The Fort got some fall weather!!!! I  woke up yesterday morning and it was in the 60s!!!!!  Mr. went to some training up at the church and I vacuumed and opened all the windows and put my fall decor out.  Mr. got home and the house looked pretty different. We also went to Grandview to visit some friends at this event called Antique Alley.  My friend Allie (ha!) had redone some furniture and we went to go support her.  The weather was absolute perfection for spending a few hours walking around.  I love fall!  I'm so thankful for temps not in the upper 90s.  I actually got chilly last night and had to put on some more covers.
Miss Anything? Sleeping on my stomach and sushi.  The usual!  :)
Movement: Dear Clara, mommy and daddy love you so much.  Could you do us both a favor and not use mommy's bladder as a squeeze toy?  Mommy gets tired having to use the bathroom every 15 to 30 minutes and daddy gets tired of trying to find her one immediately.  

Seriously, I think she's shifted or something because my bathroom trips have become quite a bit more frequent!  Her movements are getting much bigger now too.  It's less of a small thump and is now more like a big thud!  
Food cravings: Nothing in particular.  Though I bought some hot chocolate that I might get up and make here when I'm finished writing this post.  Oh!  And I made homemade banana bread too... apparently I've moved into just craving FOOD!  ANY FOOD!
Anything making you queasy or sick: Coffee.  Always coffee... *sigh*
Gender: Baby girl!
Labor Signs: Braxton hicks off and on.  
Symptoms:   Back pain, tiredness (more on that in a few...), lots of bathroom breaks.  Nothing out of the ordinary.
Belly Button in or out? What belly button?
Wedding rings on or off? On.
Exercise: LOTS of walking in Abilene.  It was good, but exhausting!
Happy or Moody most of the time: Pretty happy!  In fact yesterday I told Mr. that I was so happy I could cry (this weather will do that to ya!).  My time in Abilene with Summit was such a blessing.  And I got to spend time with lots of friends all week.  AND the girls I do the DFW Girls Gathering conference with all got together and had a time of spiritual renewal on Thursday that was SO. GOOD.  It's been a (very busy) great couple of weeks.
Looking forward to: Continued fall weather!  
Please pray for: In my last update I mentioned that I had my glucose tolerance test at my next doctors appointment.  Well, my blood work came back and I don't have gestational diabetes, but I'm anemic.  And it's really NOT a big deal, I just have to take 2 iron pills a day, but I could use prayers.  I have been wondering where all the "second trimester energy" was and now I've got an answer! Ultimately, I'm just glad Clara is healthy and that I've got iron pills that will hopefully result in some renewed energy.

On with a nursery update!

We started out with a messier version of this: 
Yes, it was messier than that to begin with.  It was our office/stash room.  Basically, it became the place where stuff went to DIE.  Mr. and I spent a good 8 hours one Saturday cleaning everything out.  And then Mr. and my stepdad moved the ridiculously heavy file cabinet upstairs and took apart the desk.  Which now belongs to one of my teensies (HI KAYLA!).  We were left with a blank slate!

 We went and picked out paint colors.  We knew (or I knew) that I wanted to use a coral color, a blue/turquoise color and a pale gray for the walls.  This is what we ended up with.  A great color pallet.  The coral and turquoise are just accent colors we used, we painted the walls a pale gray (more on that in a moment).

I had looked online at bedding sets and knew immediately that I wanted something custom made.  I didn't like ANYTHING I saw.  Even on Etsy.  AND everything was ridiculously expensive.  AND they all came with bumper pads (which I knew I didn't want) and a huge comforter... basically a bunch of stuff I didn't want.  So while Mr. and my stepdad worked on clearing out the office, my mom and i worked on a crib skirt.  I'm seriously in love with the fabrics we picked out.  And my sweet friend Erin came and helped us piece everything together.  And let me just say, Erin is amazing.  She's a scientist and so she's incredibly good at math (which my mother and I are NOT), but she's super creative and crafty too!  Ya'll, we didn't waste ANY fabric.  NONE.  I'm pretty sure if my mom and I had done it on our own we probably would have NOTHING left over.  Thank you Erin, you're brilliant and my mom and I are so thankful for your help!  Clara thanks you too!

The fabric came from my favorite fabric store: Cabbage Rose.  I could sit and stare at it all day.  I've got a couple more projects I want to use it for (a pillow and a couple of changing pad covers), so I'm excited to use it again!

The weekend after my mom and stepdad came into town, my dad and stepmom (anyone confused yet?) came to help out.  The picture above (sorry it's blurry) is my dad painting the room the wrong color...

Yes.  The wrong color.

Not his fault at all, but we didn't realize how DARK the gray we picked out was going to be!  He's an early riser naturally, so he got up early on Saturday morning and started to cut in the edges before we got up.  AND he's color blind so he had NO idea what color he was painting anyway...

So while my stepmom, sister and I got ready to go out and work on my registry, my dad and Mr. went BACK to Lowes and bought a different color:

The color ABOVE the electrical plug is PERFECT.  So much better.  Not near as baby blue.  Lighter, and more gray.  

Aaaand, that was just the beginning of the painting drama for the day.  

But I need a piece of banana bread, so I'll leave the rest of the story for another day!  :)


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